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Why list with the SpeciaList?  The answer is simple!
Your services are sought after, and this is where people will be looking for you!

The best part… Your Listing is FREE!  

Your business listing is FREE on the SpeciaList Resource Directory.
Want the option to take your business further?  You can customize your listing AND your reach with listing options.
What reach?  See our informational mini Media Kit.




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All listings will be reviewed by a Special Happens Team Member for appropriateness of listing on this site. Special Happens® LLC reserves the right to make corrections for appropriate placement of listings within the site, and reserves the right to refuse to publish or delete a publishing of a listing in this site for any reason. Should Special Happens Team Members find reason to delete a previously published listing, no refund will be made. All efforts will be made to rectify any discrepancies prior to deletion from this site. For questions, please email Editor -at- SpecialHappens -dot- com.

* As applicable, these items will be completed by the Special Happens Team within 30 days of purchase unless other arrangements have been agreed upon.

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